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adam kifer

Meet The Man Behind It All

Adam Kifer is the owner of Relentless Media Agency, Level Up Music and MX Martial Arts in Gilbert, Arizona. As a natural born leader, trailblazer and marketing expert, Adam brought his skills to the table as the growth strategist and marketing lead at iLoveKickboxing helping hundreds of clients reach new levels of growth, revenue and freedom. Adam’s passion for marketing, unparalleled results and helping others succeed is his WHY in business. His current role as a marketing consultant for two major franchises is no exception to this rule. In addition to being a seasoned, serial entrepreneur, Adam has revolutionized the way that marketing is done in the martial arts industry. The proof is in the pudding because Adam has helped many of his “Relentless” clients achieve enrollment numbers they have never hit before, let alone come close to hitting. Not only does Adam’s dream team excel at delivering exceptional results for their clients, but they also provide an amazing level of customer service second to none.

Adam has been a martial artist for 30+ years. The values that were instilled in him over the years along with his extraordinary work ethic have enabled him to experience a high level of personal and professional success at a young age. As host of the Relentless Membership Summit and the Relentless Entrepreneur Podcast for martial arts and fitness studios, you will see the depth of Adam’s passion and expertise front and center. Adam has coached 300+ martial arts and fitness studio owners and has helped them to improve their performance in business and marketing with great success. When Adam isn’t doing what he loves to do professionally, you can find him spending quality time with his family in Chandler, Arizona.

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